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What's New for College Fantasy Football '19

  • Conference-Based Leagues
    • You asked for it, we delivered. Now choose the Power 5 conferences you want in your league.
    • Public leagues are still Power 5 plus Notre Dame.
  • College-Specific Waiver Options
    • Our waiver options now align to the college schedule.
  • Additional Full Season Features
    • Winners leagues - If you won a public league last season, you qualify to play in a Winners league this season. The competition is about to get a little tougher.
    • Updated, faster desktop draft client.
    • Renew your league from last season and invite back your leaguemates in one click.
    • Persistent league URLs to maintain the same league URL, season to season.
    • Archive view - view your league's results and final rosters from last season. Your College Fantasy Football history is just getting started.

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Important Game Dates

  • Season Start: 8/24
  • Live Drafts End: 10/6
  • Full Season Registration Ends: 10/19
  • All Drafts End: 10/13

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